Chapter12Realizing Your Goals and Dreams 

Setting quantifiable goals and dreams. When it comes to goal setting, try to think of it like this: goals are dreams with deadlines attached to them. Vague goals produce vague results. Your professional goals and personal dreams are often joined at the hip. You might have a dream to buy a new house but it will take you a lot longer if you don’t meet your career or business goals.

We all have dreams. The real tragedy of life would be not to have a dream at all. It’s up to us to make our dreams a reality. We can’t lock up our dreams in a safe deposit box or put them on a short string. Dreams must be free to fly high. Be advised there will always be a “doubting Thomas” that’ll try to discourage you from making your dreams happen. But remember this: if you can dream it you can do it! So don’t be afraid to embark from the shoreline. Most of all don’t harbor the regrets that you’ll have to live with just because you didn’t go full bore to make your dreams a reality.


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