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The challenging economic times forced many people off the corporate hamster wheel and got them sincerely asking, “What is my purpose here and how can I realize it?”

The tide is changing and now many people are transitioning into careers that help them combine purpose, passion and a paycheck.


New college graduates are increasingly gravitating towards nonprofit and public sector jobs that feed their souls more than their bank accounts. As they work and earn less, people are also consuming less, and rediscovering forgetten passions like cooking, sewing or gardening, rebuilding relationships in more meaningful ways and finding new ones n the process.

We are no longer able to hide behind  jobs and benefits that may not have been a good fit for us in the first place. In dark times, people are finding a new dawn by waking up to their soul’s mission and the true work they were intended to do. With the old opportunities gone we have to create new ones, and more people are actively seeking meaning as well as money. In a 2010 survey of 500 MBAs,  students ranked “ntellectual challenge” and “an opportunity” to impact the world as their first and third priorities with compensation coming in second.  


For some living an altruistic, purpose-driven track has meant working fewer hours for less pay. In the search for creative inexpensive solutions to consume less and live more, people are drawn to less asset heavy solutions like Airbnb and Couchsurfing.


According to a 2010 Metlife Study of the American Dream, 77% of Americans now say that achieving their big dream comprises improving the quality of thir lives by strengthening personal relationships. In her book, Plenitude: The New Economics of True Wealth, Boston University Sociology Professor Juliet Schor, Ph.D argues that a shorter work week and smaller economy is better for the society as a whole. Such a lifestyle allows people to build stronger social connections, maintain their physical and mental health and engage in activities that are more creative and meaningful. People are growing vegetables, raising chicken, keeping bees and building their own homes, often with the help of friends and neighbours, says Dr. Schor. Those that feel a growing pressure to buy more and better material possessions have dropped to 66% in 2006 to well below half today. 


To live a more purposeful life:


Figure out your priorities. Decide who you want to be rather than what you are doing or want to do.


Seek out mentors, young and old, that appear to be living a passionate life and ask them how they reached their life space.


Find ways to work and consume less, to live more. To save money think of what you can grow, make or do rather than pay for. In the process you may rediscover an old passion.


Create a vision board. It’s an easy way to keep your attention on the things you really want to grow stronger in your life.


Let your strengths and talent guide you. If you are good at something, chances are you are passionate about it. Do more of it and consider making your passion into a career. Focus on and play to your strengths and surround yourself with tools or people who can help you manage your weaknesses. 


Take baby steps. Don’t just quit your day job. Write a business plan. Take a class. Start volunteering. Focus on activating passions in your life - what is one thing you should stop doing and one thing you can start doing today?



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