Joe Paterno: His Living Legacy Outweighs Asterisk

The recent passing of legendary football coach Joe Paterno has caused many of us to take a step back and reflect on our legacy and how we will be remembered long after we've passed from this earth.

According to Robert Michael Fried’s best-selling book, Igniting Your True Purpose and Passion, “We need to lay the foundation for our legacy while we're still living”. Fried refers to this as achieving a “living legacy”.

However, Joe Paterno is a classic example of living legacy gone awry.

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How are you doing? It’s January. Can you feel it in the air? It’s there. That feeling of hope. Of better times. Of... possibility. The soltice is over, the darkness is retreating and the days are getting longer. The world is hopefully taking a turn for the better. 

As each year draws to a close, spirits are always hopeful that, “Next year, things will be different...” This time. THIS time. And they might be. 

It the funny thing about we humans. When facing the future we tend to look for the best, wish for the best and hope the best comes to pass. When the Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiso’ole or IZ as he was known, recorded Over the Rainbow which has probably been heard by every person on the planet (the recording was part of soundtracks for six movies, six TV shows, and a toy commercial) he expressed that sentiment for us... an optimistic sense of hope and possibility.  And how do we plan to make possibilities into realiites at this time of year? For many it’s by making “New Year Resolutions.”


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7 Ways to Help You Achieve True Success


True success involves a lot more than striving for that corner office, reaching for the next pay raise, or keeping up with the next door neighbor.


True success always involves reaching out to others - beyond ourselves. But achieving the kind of total success articulated by Emerson is clearly no easy task. The path to achieving true success is often strewn with potholes and boulders.


But here are a few things we can do:


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It's Playoff time - but don't call me a couch potato!

NFL_Playoffs As the NFL playoffs swing into high gear, it's easy for some of us to be called chip-eating couch potatoes. But in reality, nothing would be further from the truth. You see, one of my personal passions, like many people around the world, is my pure, unadulterated love affair with sports.

I’m totally into sports because in many ways, sports mirror life itself. Think about it; it’s north against south, east against west, the home team versus the visiting team, and often David (the underdog) against Goliath (the favorite). Unlike a scripted movie, Shakespearean play, or book we might have read before, with sports, we never know the ending in advance. Team sports in particular, offer a riveting form of drama.

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